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July 2013

Hot Beer with Whipped Cream on google

Google search for "hot beer" (in Danish language) is now 268 per month!

"Varm øl" or "varm øl med flødeskum"

May 2010

Internorga - Heisses Bier mit Schlagsahne

Time to let Germany have Ultraprès - Hot Beer with Whipped Cream. We will be at Internorga in Hamburg 12 - 17 March 2010.

March 2010

European Beer Festival

The festival in Copenhagen, Denmark was a great succes. More than 21.000 people attended the festival and tried more than 1.000 beers.

Also at mybeer we can call it a succes with almost 10.000 hot beer sold during one weekend.

We look forward to working with our new contacts in England, Canada, Finland and all the rest.

September 2008

HOT BEER in Systembolaget, Sweden.

You will now find Ultraprès - HOT BEER - in Systembolaget, Sweden. No. 87403.

September 2008

Succes in Stockholm

More than 5.000 Swedish people can not be wrong! Hot beer with whisped cream tastes goooooood. Visit "Man in the Moon" or "The Lobby" to try it soon.

Otherwise wait a moment, and it may come to the Systembolag (we hope).

September 2008

Beer Festival in Stockholm, Sweden

Please visit our stand at the Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival in September 2007 and try hot beer with whipped cream. We are currently seeking a distributor for hot beer with whipped cream in Sweden, so please visit our stand at the festival if you are interested.

September 2007

Beer Festival in Stockholm

Again this year we will go to the Beer & Whiskey Festival in Stockholm, Sweden. Go to TOMPs stand and try Hot Beer with Whipped Cream.

September 2007

Hot Beer #1 in Valby, Denmark

The Danish Beer Enthusiasts Beer Festival in Valby, Denmark 2007 is now behind us.

More than 11,000 people tried more than 1,000 different beers, from 77 different companies brewing or importing beer. More than 5,000 tried hot beer with whipped cream.

mybeer was #1 in terms of best selling beer samples, and best selling in the festival shop. Now we would like to rest a bit.

May 2007

Hot Beer in Finland

mybeer is proud to present Diamond Beer as the distributor of hot beer with whipped cream in Finland. More than 1,000 people have already tasted hot beer - and approved it for the Finnish market.

May 2007

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